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How to contact MYQRGUIDE and/or Sellers' Support

How to communicate with the seller?

How to communicate with the seller?

Learn all the different ways you can use in order to communicate with the product's seller

How to communicate with the seller?

There are many ways for you to communicate with products sellers, ask questions, and receive customer support from them.
Let’s review your options:

1. Support ticket
You can open a ticket for a specific seller through your FREE USER dashboard.

Step 1: First, make sure you follow the seller’s Mini Site.
Each Mini Site has a ‘follow up’ button, press it. The Mini Site will add up to your ‘site follow list’ (on the left side menu on your dashboard).
Step 2: Click on the MESSAGE BUBBLE icon on the left side menu of your dashboard.
Press the ‘Send your ticket’ green button. A window will pop up.
Select the relevant MINI SITE from the dropdown list, type in the subject of your message, enter your notes/question, and click on ‘confirm’ to send your ticket to the seller.
Step 3: You can follow up on your tickets, check the ticket status, view the response you received from the seller, and send a response back to the seller by clicking on the ‘view’ button. 
*Once the seller will reply to your open ticket, you will also receive a notification on the BELL icon, on top of your dashboard.

2. Online Chat
Some sellers will have the Online Chat option on their Mini Site. Simply click on the following icon, log in with your user and start chatting with the seller’s customer service.

3. Social media and WhatsApp
In the Mini Site, look for the seller’s social media links and communication options.

4. Offer suggestions
You can send a message to the seller with your own idea on how they can improve.
Inside the Mini Site, you will find the ‘How can we improve our product’ button, click on it, write your email address, suggestion, and press ‘submit’.


5. Product related questions
Some sellers provide the option to ask product questions directly from the Mini Site.
Look for the ‘customer QA’ section on the Mini Site, directly from the Mini Site, and click on it. Type your question inside the empty field and press ‘submit’.
Once the seller will publish the answer you will see it on the Mini Site.