About QR Guide

About us

Are you a brand owner? Then you must know how tedious producing manuals for your products can be. From drafting and editing the content of your product manuals to ordering batches of copies from the printing press, there’s need to cut costs. At QRGuide, we help your business go eco-friendly, hosting your online manuals on our platform—your very own mini site.

How We Operate | What We Do?

Okay, so you’re probably wondering; how exactly do we operate? Good question. What we do is simple. We provide you a mini site with tools that allows your brand flourish, giving you access to never-before-seen digital marketing features that elevate the scale of your business.

Okay, How Will This Help Your Business?

We understand that you want to sell a product; and this can be stretched far and wide when you employ different platforms. MyQRGuide gives you the option of hosting your product on a mini site assigned only to you. Not only will you be able to show the specifications of your product, you will also be able to better connect with your customers via email and through an established clients’ club. The features on our program are almost limitless; to mention a few, you have the option of uploading a manual, conducting interactive Q/As with clients, automatic emails, customised ‘Thank You’ digital cards and many more… You can find our packages here: https://myqrguide.com/pricing

How It Works

myQRGuide is a simple and interactive tool suitable for brand owners and manufacturing firms. It is tailored to suit the needs of brand owners and product sellers that create private labels products. The major purpose of this tool is to reduce the environmental footprint of carbon-inducing paper manuals by replacing them with easily accessible online manuals.

User Our Tool for Free

The first step to using our System Is just Register the Basic tools are for free. myQRGuide is available for free To clients and for sellers when use directly on our website, And it is available to all sellers in and around the world.

Select Membership

Once you gain access to our program, the next step is to choose a membership package. We currently offer four price packages: Free, Basic, Standard and Premium. Depending on your needs, you may select a package that provides the features you need to make a successful mini site.

Login Your Account

After selecting a membership package, you proceed to login into your account. The template to our mini site is easy to use and very navigable. You will find a very intuitive dashboard and features that lets you better market your products.

Enjoy This Tool

With access to everything from online manuals, to unique QR codes for mini site, to client club, to automated emails; you can tell that our app is the right choice for your business. With a mini site, you can cut costs associated with manual printing and can better market your products to a worldwide audience. Don’t wait any longer; Use our System for free today and design a mini site that will take your product sales to the next level!