Bath 3D Motion Sprinkler Toy



Bath 3D Motion Sprinkler Toy

Bath 3D Motion Sprinkler Rotate with Shower Toys for Children Swimming Party Bathroom LED Light Toys Gift


1. The items with Original Gift Box

2.Install the battery , press the switch, the water ball toy will automatically rotate, spray water column

3.Battery Powered Pump Circulates Water Through Play In The Tub, Your child will love bath time in the bath tub, Your child will fall in love with bathing, you don’t worry your baby crying when in bathing!

4. music + flashing lights 5.The ball with base can be used as a toy on land, walking like a toy car Please

Pay Attention:

1.The Ball need 3 AAA Batteries (Not Included)

2.The Base also need 3x AA Batteries(Not Included)

3.The musical base can not put into the water

4.This Ball part just can play light and water spray(can not play music)

5.This Base part can play music and light on the land, can not play in the water



Red, Redball with Base, Yellow, Yellowball with Base


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